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Self priming centrifugal pumps Elenco Prodotti   Inizio Pagina

The range of self priming centrifugal pumps are designed to be used in the most disadvantaged
services that require pumping muddy water, sand, bentonite, abrasive and wastewater
containing solids in suspension.

The special construction of centrifugal pumps makes them suitable for universal use
in the shipbuilding sector construction services for industrial use and for civilian purposes
where you need pumping and moving water


Centrifugal Pumps Jetting wellpoint Elenco Prodotti   Inizio Pagina

The Jetting centrifugal pumps series are mainly built for wellpoints insertion but can also be used for other services such as pumping water where remarkable prevalence are needed. Jetting centrifugal pumps are also widely used in all those activities that relate to the agriculture and fire fighting sectors.


Triplex pump HPI500 Elenco Prodotti   Inizio Pagina

Pumping group complete with No. 03 hydraulic pistons. The pumping synchronism is regulated by solenoid valves to n 03 stages, supplied with 12 V, Max flow 500 L / min (adjusted by the hydraulic distributor). Pressure 0 to 50 bar (the pressure can be adjusted according to the requirements of use)


Drilling triplex pumps Elenco Prodotti   Inizio Pagina

INTESO triplex pump mod. PHP 480 total flow rate - liters / min 480 set pressure - 50 bar max pressure 180 bar diesel engine 75 kw @ 2200


Screw pumps Elenco Prodotti   Inizio Pagina

Screw pumps

The volumetric pump is designed for pumping
water - cement mixtures - bentonite.

The particularly robust design of these pumps, Buy, allows the use of various fluids, with a good flow and pressure performance.

Maintenance is simple and fast, and the replacement of the rotor (chrome steel)
and the stator (rubber), are possible directly on job site.


Sub series pumps Elenco Prodotti   Inizio Pagina

MILLAR submersible electric pumps suitable for drainage of ground or for pumping abrasive water or bentonite. Secure and robust are of great help in the elimination of small infiltration of water, available with manual or automatic start-up paintings.


Submersible multistage centrifugal pumps Elenco Prodotti   Inizio Pagina

Submersible multistage centrifugal pumps for wells, 3 ", 4", 6 " Particularly suitable for water rising and distribution installations. Flow rates up to 1300 liters / min.


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