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Rock bits Elenco Prodotti   Inizio Pagina

Sealed Bearing Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI) Tricone/Roller Cone Bits

Open Bearing Tungsten Carbide Insert(TCI) Tricone Bits

Sealed Bearing Steel Tooth Tricone/Roller Cone Bits

Open Bearing Steel Tooth Tricone/Roller Cone Bits


Drag bits Elenco Prodotti   Inizio Pagina

1) Step type bits are the most common type of drag bit used in the world today. They are primarily designed for soft to medium formations.

3) Chevron bits are designed for medium to hard formations and are used in areas that contain a lot of rock and also in the oilfield for drilling out concrete casings and plugs.


Claw bits Elenco Prodotti   Inizio Pagina

These claw bits are designed to drill in gravels, shales, and soft sand stones.

The body, fingers, and pilots are all ordered separately


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