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Cylindrical pipes Elenco Prodotti   Inizio Pagina

Cylindrical pipes

Coupling thread - AR - IF - RD

They may be manufactured of carbon steel, grade S 135 as required by API 5 D standard, providing and excellent and selected quality.


Helicoidal pipes Elenco Prodotti   Inizio Pagina

(1) Helicoidal pipe head with conical thread coupling
(2) Helicoidal pipe with conical thread coupling


Helicoidal pipes with hexagonal coupling Elenco Prodotti   Inizio Pagina

Helicoidal pipes with hexagonal coupling
For vertical and horizontal perforations.

(1) Helicoidal pipes with hole hexagonal coupling

(2) Helicoidal pipes with filled hexagonal coupling

(3) Screw Bits for Soft Formation

(4) Drag bit hexagonal coupling.


Casings Elenco Prodotti   Inizio Pagina


(1) N80 high strength steel , for diam. from 101 to 140 mm with the thread carried directly on the pipe.

(2) Couplings welded, treated and hardened steel

(3) Casing shoes for gravel with shockproof prisms

4) Shoes for plastic soils.


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